Grizzly Gold Closed-Cell SPF

A high performance closed cell medium density spray foam insulation system that offers an industry leading R-6/inch LTTR value.

Energy savings everyone can afford.

Product Information

Grizzly Gold Closed-Cell SPF is a two-component medium density insulation system designed to maximize thermal and environmental performance. It has impressive insulating air sealing and water resistant properties, making It the Ideal choice for commercial, industrial and residential use.

Formulated with an advanced HFO blowing agent, Grizzly Gold Closed-Cell SPF has an ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) rating of 1. Compared to HFC alternatives this product Is 99.9% less harmful to the atmosphere.  

Technical Properties

    • Density: Test ASTM D1622 – 2.3 lb/ft³ 36Kg/m³
    • Long Term Thermal Resistance: Test CAN/ULC-S770 (LTTR) – R12 RSI 2.1
    • Water Vapour Transmission: Test ASTM E96 25mm – 47.34 ng/(Pa.s.m²)
    • Water Vapour Transmission: Test ASTM E96 50mm – 23 ng/(Pa.s.m²)
    • Flame Spread Corner Wall: Test CAN/ULC-S127 <260
    • Flame Spread Steiner Tunnel: Test CAN/ULC-S102 Flame<10 | Smoke<150
    • Dimensional Stability* (Volume Change after 28 days): Test ASTM D2126 -20˚C, -0.9% | 80˚C, +0.1% | 70˚C @97RH -9.8%
    • Tensile Strength: Test ASTM 1623 30 psi, pass | 225 kPa, pass
    • Air Permeance @ 75 PA: Test ASTM E2178 0.002 L/Sm²
    • Water Absorption (% Volume): Test ASTM D2842 <1%
    • Compressive Strength: Test ASTM D1621 25Psi | 182kPa
    • Open Cell Content: Test ASTM D2856 <3%
    • VOC Emissions: Test CAN/ULC-S774 25 hours
    • Hot Surface Performance: Test ASTM C411 90˚C | 194˚F
    • CCMC# Material Listing 14133-L