Monokote Z-3306 Thermal Barrier

A spray applied thermal barrier designed to protect foam plastic insulation from the effects of heat and fire

Energy savings everyone can afford.

Product Information

Monokote® Z-3306 Thermal Barrier is a cementitious fire protective coating specifically formulated for application over rigid, urethane and polystyrene foam plastics. Spray applied to interior foam surfaces on walls and ceilings, Z-3306 forms a hard, durable, monolithic thermal barrier against heat and fire. Z-3306 is a mill-mixed product requiring only the addition of water.

It can be easily applied to required thickness in a single pass resulting in an efficient, low cost method of meeting building code and insurance requirements.

In developing Z-3306, Grace Construction Products has utilised its experience and technology as the producer of Monokote spray applied fireproofing products — the most widely used structural steel fireproofing brand in North America. Sales and technical personnel located throughout the United States and Canada provide close technical support to contractors, owners and specifiers.

The Ideal Protective Thermal Barrier

Monokote Z-3306 may be used to protect foam plastics in many types of buildings. The following is a brief list of typical applications:

  • Breweries, freezers and coolers
  • Controlled atmosphere apple, potato and vegetable storage
  • Ice arenas and recreation centers
  • Indoor tennis courts and swimming pools
  • Pig and dairy barns
  • Seed storage and processing
  • Water treatment plants


While specific requirements differ from locality to locality, the use of foam plastics for most building occupancies is permitted only when they are protected by an approved thermal barrier. Z-3306 has been successfully fire-tested and listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and Factory Mutual. Z-3306 has a proven field and laboratory record of performance, reliability, ease of application and low in-place cost.


  • Proven Fire Test Performance – Z-3306 has successfully passed UL requirements as a thermal barrier over foam plastics.
  • Economical – Ease of installation makes Z-3306 a low cost way to protect foam plastics.
  • Workable – After being spray applied, Z-3306 may be lightly trowelled.
  • Damage Resistant – Z-3306 dries to a hard, durable surface which resists damage.
  • Humidity Resistant – Z-3306 can be used in high humidity conditions and reduces sweating often experienced in vegetable storage areas.
    Washable – When trowelled and painted, Z-3306 can be washed and cleaned.

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