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Product Information

Therm-O-Light (Type 1) is a loose-fill thermal and acoustical cellulose fibre insulation (CFI). An environmentally friendly, high performance wood fibre product used for insulation with a high R-value that is used exclusively by certified applicators in accordance with the standards CAN/ULC S703-01 (Standard for Cellulose Fibre Insulation For Buildings)

Therm-O-Light is installed by using pneumatic blowing equipment.

Ideal for attics, Therm-O-Light can be used in new buildings, or to retrofit and increase R values in existing buildings. This product can be blown over top of most pre-existing insulation such as fibreglass batt or loose-fill insulation. It can be applied to any open horizontal or sloped surface with a pitch up to 4.5 in 12, as well as enclosed spaces such as walls, floors, flat roofs and cathedral ceilings.

Therm-O-Light has a minimum recycled content of 85% consisting of pre and post consumer recycled paper and paperboard products. It is treated with a special blend of non-corrosive borate and sulphate fire retardant additives, which protects the product and adjacent construction materials against mould growth, wood decay, insect damage and discourages rodent activity.

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